Porcelain Veneers vs Braces? Which One is Best?

In this day of multiple choices, we there are many ways to make your teeth straight. You can opt for braces. This will take years and align your teeth. The other option is veneers. Veneers only correct cosmetic issues and won’t straighten your teeth. In this post, we’ll take you through the big question – Porcelain Veneers or Braces?  Which one is best? Let’s get looking.

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What are Braces?

Dental braces are orthodontist appliances that help to correct misalignments of the teeth, bite abnormalities, and various other dental issues. Treatment time varies by individual requirements but on average patients will spend 1 to 3 years in braces while wearing them for regular visits with their dentist.

Dental braces are designed to be both comfortable and stylish. The most traditional type of brace includes brackets that are attached at the front teeth, stainless steel bands

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Side Effects of Wearing Braces (FULL Breakdown 2021)

Undergoing orthodontic braces is not to be taken lightly. Years of devices and wires, plastic aligners, or expanders, these take their toll on the mouth and oral region. Braces do wonders for self-esteem but sometimes you may face adverse reactions. In this post, we’ll take you through 5 side effects of wearing braces.  Let’s get on it.

Do Braces Have Side Effects?

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, be aware of the many adverse effects it may have on your mouth. These include root resorption (when teeth are removed due to tooth decay and cannot grow back,) pain from braces rubbing against sensitive gum tissue, pulpal changes which can lead to a loss in taste sensation or numbness around the lips or tongue.

Not to mention periodontal disease caused by plaque build-up that leads to inflammation as well as dental cavities. TMD is also possible since molars will often grind together while chewing if

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Braces with Missing Teeth (IS IT POSSIBLE?)

Braces mean a mouth full of devices. Wires, brackets, even plastic aligners will be in your mouth for months maybe years. You may have missing teeth and are not confident that orthodontic treatment is suitable. It is suitable and, in this post, we’ll show you in a quick fashion why braces with missing teeth is achievable. Let’s get cracking.

Why do it?

Orthodontic treatment is a common procedure for children who suffer from malocclusions that affect their jaw growth or the eruption of their adult teeth. During this time, braces and spacers are used to correctly space remaining teeth to allow room for those new incoming incisors and molars.

Sometimes, orthodontics is necessary to make room for these permanent teeth coming in. Severe cases can prevent them all together so it’s important not only because you’ll have a more attractive straightened-up looking smile but also with your overall oral health as

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Can You Have Braces with Crowns or Root Canals?

Braces are a big deal. You will need to stick to years of dedication. Aside from the dedication, you may wonder whether you can get braces with your teeth condition. You may have crowns installed, or dental implants or fillings. Wonder no more. In this post, we’ll lay out the facts on what you can do with braces when you have oral devices pre-fitted. Let’s get going.

Can You Have Braces with Crowns?

If you have wanted to straighten your teeth for a while but have crowns from previous dental work, don’t worry. You can still get braces. Brackets will be glued onto the crowns with something different than what is used for natural teeth and then connected through wires or bands of metal which come together at each tooth’s front edge called an archwire. For some of the latest Dr’s opinions click here.

Can Braces Loosen Crowns?

When people

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