5 Things You Will NOT Get with Mail-Order Orthodontic Braces

5 Things You Will NOT Get with Mail-Order Orthodontic Braces

Mail-order orthodontic braces should not be considered a substitute for corrective dental treatment by an appropriate board certified professional, like in the case of braces or retainers.

Although it is possible to fix some problems with mail-ordered teeth aligners (especially if you have minor issues), this option will only work on certain types of misalignment and does not address more serious cases such as jaw growth abnormalities, overcrowding, etcetera that require ongoing care over six months to two years.

In other words – going online may lead you down the wrong path where your mouth has been neglected and needs further attention from professionals who are better equipped than yourself at determining what’s causing your malocclusion.

A Local Orthodontist Can Make a Big Difference!

If you order aligners from an online mail-order company, they may not be able to offer the personalized service that only your local orthodontic specialist can provide.

You won’t have someone who is there for all your appointments and will monitor your progress throughout treatment – are you really serious about this?

A customer service number doesn’t cut it when faced with our unique complexities of human anatomy because we’re so different and so is each individual case. Board certified orthodontists explore the options available according to what’s best for YOU as well as ensure top quality results every step of the way.

Evaluation of Your Bite, Profile and Gums

Did you know that aligners, any aligners, can make your bite worse?

Additionally, mail-order aligners do not address your profile nor the health of gums.

An orthodontic specialist has your complete oral health under continual assessment throughout treatment.

Multiple Treatment Options

Orthodontists have a variety of treatment options for you to choose from.

Your goal will be discussed, and the doctor may recommend braces, expansion, tooth removal or jaw surgery or yes even clear aligners like Invisalign. However, if your trust in an online company that offers only one option which may not be right for your condition then there are orthodontist who can offer more alignment tools like metal bands on the top teeth with wire attached underneath so it moves them into place!

Mail-Order Orthodontic Braces

In-Person Supervision

In order to keep up with the changing face of orthodontics, many doctors recommend in-person supervision. An orthodontist can alter your treatment by moving brackets, adding rubber bands or changing wires if you are wearing braces.

They will also be able to adjust final tooth positions by performing “refinements” (additional aligners) when straightening teeth with aligners and while some mail-order companies may provide refinements for a fee there is no substitute for an actual assessment from your doctor who understands your specific needs first hand.

Retention of the Result

Some of the most common options for retaining teeth straight are headgear, fixed appliances such as braces or ceramic brackets and wires.

A local orthodontist can choose whichever type best suits your needs based on what they find during their initial examination of you.

If you want to maintain that perfect smile after treatment is done then make sure to wear whatever retainer option was chosen by a trained professional, this way you won’t have any teeth shifting and end up with a crooked grin.

Mail-order aligners at first glance may look cheaper, but they can also be less effective. If they do not fit to the teeth well it can lead to more headaches later on down the road when additional work will be needed.

Mail-order orthodontics have a lot of drawbacks that you should know about before making your choice for treatment. You might find them being much cheaper than other treatments initially, but their effectiveness makes up for this cost difference in many ways; it just depends if you want something cheap or if it’s worth getting your straight smile done right from the start with an experienced expert!

In Conclusion

You may be tempted to save money by ordering orthodontic aligners online, but you will not get the personal and professional care that comes with visiting a board-certified orthodontist.

With our help, it is easier than ever before to find an excellent orthodontic specialist who can provide you with personalized service in order to ensure your teeth are healthy for life!

Ask us today how we can help make sure you have all of the information necessary about finding a reputable orthodontic expert near you or click here to start your search now.

5 Things You Will NOT Get with Mail-Order Orthodontic Braces

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