Best Teeth Whitening Pens Reviewed

Best Teeth Whitening Pens (Reviewed)

Why would you look for the best teeth whitening pens? One it’s expense, professional teeth whitening is available at dentists, but it isn’t cheap: an average treatment costs around $650. But make sure you read until the end!

There are situations in which teeth whitening pens come in handy. Whitening gel is contained in thin, plastic tubes. These products are designed to remove food and beverage stains from teeth, such as coffee, red wine, and berries.

Here are a few dentist-recommended options. Read more to find out what the best teeth whitening pens are.

How our top recommendations compare

Cost Size Value ($/ml) Pens per pack Main ingredients Days to full results Daily use Accessories?
Auraglow $26.00 2.8ml $9.29 1 35% carbamide peroxide 10 1-2
Tarte $22.00 4.0ml $5.50 1 Hydrogen peroxide 5-7 2-3
Colgate $25.00 2.5ml $10.00 1 Hydrogen peroxide 7 1 Yes
GO SMILE $20.00 1.3ml $15.38 1 Hydrogen peroxide 7 1 Yes
Moon Kendall Jenner $19.99 2.65ml $7.54 1 Hydrogen peroxide 14 2
AsaVea $21.99 2ml $5.50 2

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

This popular product contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide, making it a good choice for sensitive teeth. The equivalent amount of hydrogen peroxide is approximately 13 percent. You can use it 15 times and see how much you are using with the clear tip.


“It’s very easy to use,” said Salim. Thanks to the quick-drying gel, results can be seen in 60 seconds after painting on the whitening gel with the pen’s little brush.

This pen has over 9,273 reviews on Amazon, with many users calling it “one of the best whitening pens” they’ve ever used.


  • After only a few sessions, some users reported that the device broke.
  • Over time, some believed that it caused a greater sensitivity in their mouths.
  • There is no tray that fits everyone’s mouth.
  • There was no lasting effect on whitening.

Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen

A notable exception to Tarte’s general reputation for high-quality, ecologically conscious makeup is their Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen. Our favorite whitening pen is a hefty 4ml (nearly twice as big as all our other favorites) for $22. Despite the absence of a Subscribe & Save program, one pen will last you quite a while.


  • Formulated with vegan ingredients
  • It is gentle on the teeth and gums
  • Reduces sensitivity with potassium nitrate
  • Maximum whitening results can be achieved by using it four times a day
  • Contains a generous 4ml of gel


  • To achieve results, you must use it consistently
  • Slowly compounding results

Colgate Optic White

Because whitening pens wash away quickly, they are usually less effective than other teeth whitening products. By hardening into a varnish-like film, the Colgate Optic White Overnight Pen corrects this problem.

Furthermore, it is one of the easiest pens to find. It can be bought at any pharmacy or superstore.


  • It stays on your teeth until you brush them.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • Money-back guarantee is available for 30 days after purchase.


  • There is only 3% peroxide in the solution.
  • The gel contained in the product was dry when opened by some customers.

Best Teeth Whitening Pens

GO SMILE On The Go Teeth Whitening Pen

It takes less than a week for On The Go to remove surface stains when applied correctly twice a day. This formula works better for some people than for others, but the whitening doesn’t last as long as other whitening pens. There are no teeth whitening pens that are permanent (unless you avoid staining foods and beverages and maintain exceptional oral hygiene), but On The Go is notably shorter. If you are looking for a long-term change, this might not be the best option. It is great for people who need white teeth for a special event, but not so great if you are looking for a long-term solution.


  • For maximum portability, it comes with a travel case
  • In one week, teeth can be whitened up to five shades
  • Dental crowns, veneers, and other materials are claimed to be safe to use with this product
  • An instructional video ensures the correct application of the product


  • The gel included is a small amount (1.3ml)
  • There is no lasting whitening
  • Sucralose (Splenda) is contained in this product

Moon Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner partnered with MOON Teeth Whitening Pen to create the product. The MOON product is anything but gimmicky, even with a celebrity attached. Shaun Neff founded MOON with the goal of making dental care part of a pampering beauty routine, and the pen does just that.

This MOON Teeth Whitening Pen combines honeysuckle, strawberry, and vanilla extracts with their proprietary Elixir III to offer both whitening power and amazing taste. As soon as you apply the gel, your smile will be brightened by light-reflecting particles. It is also affordable, at just $19.99, despite its connection to Jenner.


  • In terms of design, the pen looks more like a makeup packaging than a pen.
  • The Elixir III completely masks the peroxide taste.
  • Light-reflecting particles make a noticeable difference right away, even though lasting results can take up to a few days.


  • There is only one brick-and-mortar store selling the product, Ulta
  • The formula caused some customers to experience gum irritation

AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pen

Whitening even sensitive teeth is possible with the gel’s 44% carbamide peroxide content. The ingredients are not listed on AsaVea’s website, and finding them anywhere is difficult. The soft tissue inside testers’ lips and gums appear to be burned by this whitening gel. While bleaching teeth always carries a risk, many of our favorite whitening pens side-step this problem by using natural formulas that are kinder to the teeth, mouth and gums.


  • There are two pens in each package, so you can save on bulk purchases
  • Neutral pH
  • It is safer to use carbamide peroxide on sensitive teeth
  • Seeing how much gel you’re using is easy with the transparent tube
  • The United States receives free shipping


  • There may be a burning sensation inside your mouth due to the chemicals
  • Results are slow
  • There is a lack of clarity and difficulty in reading the instructions
  • List of ingredients obscured

Best Teeth Whitening Pens FAQ’s

Do Teeth Whitening Pens Work?

When used correctly, whitening pens can help reduce stains, cover hard-to-remove stains, and maintain your smile in between treatments. Short-term solutions and quick fixes are effective with it. Easy to use. On the whole, teeth whitening pens are relatively gentle on your teeth.

Are Whitening Pens Better than Strips?

In addition to professional whitening, whitening pens and strips can be used to remove surface stains and touch up where necessary. If you want to whiten your teeth with whitening strips, pens are less effective than strips. They both whiten teeth several shades if used exactly as directed 

How Long do Teeth Whitening Pens Take to Work?

It usually takes 2 days to a week for whitening pens to work. Transportable whitening pens contain whitening gel and are used to remove spot stains.

How Often Can You Use a Tooth Whitening Pen?

Two times a day is the maximum amount of time you may use the teeth whitening pen. If you intend to use it for more than 14 days, we recommend that you consult a dentist first.

Can I Swallow after Using a Whitening Pen?

Ingesting the peroxide gel will not cause any adverse effects. No damage will be done to your system as it simply passes through. It is however possible to experience nausea and stomach irritation if you swallow large amounts of peroxide.


Investing little time or money in teeth whitening pens can make a minor difference to your smile. It’s also very versatile; you can use them to whiten your smile or to maintain it. However for better longer lasting effect read our breakdown of the Glo whitening system, which although more expensive may work out cheaper and more effective over time.

Disclaimer – This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about orthodontics and general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your orthodontist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

Best Teeth Whitening Pens (Reviewed)

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