Braces Or Invisalign For Sticking Out Tooth? (Your 2022 Guide)

If you have been dealing with a tooth sticking out further than the other, you are likely frustrated with having to deal with this particular imperfection. Those with multiple crooked teeth are typically referred to an orthodontic specialist for treatment. Having a wonky tooth which can be a lateral incisor or a canine tooth, can be confusing because it is a somewhat different issue. In this post, we’ll show 4 options to fix a sticking out tooth in 2022. Let’s get started!

Sticking out Tooth

However, you may have a tooth that sticks out that has been bothering you. Talking to your orthodontist about your treatment options is a smart first move. Your exact treatment will vary depending on your individual situation. It may be helpful to first learn about some of the available options for dealing with a crooked tooth. These options include braces, Invisalign treatment, retainers, and

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