Can I Get Invisalign With Cavities? (Let’s Explore)

Cavities are bad news. Cavities with Invisalign are worse. If you are investigating Invisalign as a future treatment, your oral health matters.  will determine whether you start or not. Read on to find out about starting Invisalign treatment when you have to deal with cavities. First, let’s compare Invisalign treatment to traditional treatment.

Invisalign Trays vs. Other Brace Types

It is often preferred to have aligners made of durable plastic. It is customized to the patient’s teeth and is virtually invisible compared to traditional braces. Overall appointments at dental offices are often shorter.

These aligners are essential for ensuring optimum teeth hygiene. Traditional braces enable more saliva to enter the mouth although they are non-removable and can make brushing and flossing difficult. Overall, Invisalign treatment is preferred by teens and adults.

Do Invisalign Aligners Cause Cavities?

Many stories have been written about Invisalign aligners causing cavity problems. Those aligners were not the issue, but wearers

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