Can I eat crackers with braces

Can You Eat Crackers With Braces? (Soft and No Sugar)

Can you eat crackers with braces? Yes and No, it’s always best to avoid hard foods, but if you do feel the urge for crackers, it’s best to go for the soft ones with little or no sugar. Goldfish crackers have proven to be the safest to eat.

We searched the web for more information on forums about foods you can eat with braces.

Can I Eat Ritz Crackers With Braces?

Ritz crackers can be eaten with braces. You must, however, be careful when eating them.

Avoid overly crunchy or hard Ritz crackers. Your teeth will be hurt if they are.

In addition, choosen Ritz crackers don’t contain many sugars, which could harm your teeth and cause cavities.

Girl eating crackers with braces

Can You Eat Graham Crackers With Braces?

The same guidance applies to those outlined with Ritz crackers, Another great option is soft crackers, such as goldfish.

Watch the video below to see them in action

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The #1 Tip For Eating Goldfish Crackers With Braces

Don’t stuff your mouth with fistfuls of crackers. It is possible for a bracket to come off when you bite down when you have too much food in your mouth. You’ll have to visit your dentist again and your treatment will take a little longer as a result

The amount that’s too much is fairly easy to determine. When biting into something that feels like an apple, you may be in danger. Goldfish are fine in threes or fours!

Tip #2

There is a problem with snacks like Goldfish crackers that contain crushed up sugar and salt. Your braces get stuck with these chunks right next to your teeth. In general, sugary food is bad, but occasional snacking is okay, just mnake sure to brush and floss after meals.


So, can you eat crackers with braces? Yes but best to stick to non sugary goldfish ones if you have the craving.

I like the following snacks because they are braces-safe:

You can microwave regular or refried beans with cheese and salsa, maybe over rice (if it’s convenient to get/store cooked rice).

A salty and peppery avocado.

An open-faced pita with hummus, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, carrot slices, and maybe some sprouts.

Salt, pepper, and lemon juice can be added to plain, unflavored yogurt to make savory yogurt.

If you’re concerned about sugar content, buy plain instant oatmeal and doctor it yourself.

You should consult with your dentist first to find out what kind of guide to follow based on your treatment condition before consuming your favorite foods.

For more foods, read our comprehensive fast foods with braces post.

Can You Eat Crackers With Braces?

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