Can You Eat Donuts With Braces?

Can You Eat Donuts With Braces?

Can you eat  donuts with braces? Yes and No, best not too if you want to be 100% safe even though there are mixed opinions. Despite being soft and easy to chew, doughnuts contain sugar and white flour, which adheres to your teeth, brackets, and wires, so you must ensure you brush your teeth afterwards, and not all donuts are equal. However it can be difficult to eat anything you were used to before, aside from soft foods such as bread and porridge, during the first few months after getting braces.


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Braces and donuts: tips for eating them

Additionally, you can minimize the damage done by choosing the right kind of donut. The following tips will help you eat donuts while wearing braces, if that is the choice you make.

Tip 1

Following the consumption of donuts with braces, you should drink a lot of water. How come? The purpose is to clean the teeth of the sugar residue, which will play a crucial role in the next two steps.

Tip 2

In addition to brushing your teeth, you must wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth because sugar softens your teeth.

Tip 3

Lastly, if none of those work, we’re sure our last tip will! How can you save braces and teeth? Tie a knot in dental floss, then remove food remains using that knot. Easy!

Can You Eat Glazed Donuts With Braces?

Glazed donuts cannot be eaten with braces. This is due to a more complex reason, however. The types of foods you consume need to be carefully considered when you have braces. Your braces can be damaged or less effective if you eat certain foods.

It is bad for braces to eat hard or sticky foods since they can cause the brackets to come loose or the wires to bend. Brace wearers shouldn’t eat glazed donuts, because they tend to be hard and sticky.

Can You Eat Powdered Donuts With Braces?

Powdered donuts cannot be consumed with braces. There will be difficulty removing the powdered sugar after it adheres to the brackets and wires. It is also possible to damage the brackets and wires of braces when eating sticky or crunchy foods. When you have braces, you should avoid eating foods such as powdered donuts.


Patients often ask, “Can you eat donuts with braces?” Dental professionals may allow you to consume donuts with braces, but ensure you brush your teeth since sugar, and sticky ingredients can harm orthodontic treatment, and crunchy topping can break brackets and wires, so there is a degree of risk. You should consult with your dentist first to find out what kind of guide to follow based on your treatment condition before consuming your favorite foods.

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Can You Eat Donuts With Braces?

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