Can I eat fish and seafood with braces

Can You Eat Fish and Seafood With Braces? Boneless is Best!

Can you eat fish or indeed seafood with braces? Yes! We see a lot of soft, easy-to-chew, and easy-to-digestion seafood today. You can still enjoy seafood while wearing braces with tuna, salmon, and crab cakes.

Fish without bones, salmon, and tuna are good choices. Vegetarian chili, soft cooked lentils, and soft cooked beans are delicious meat-free dishes that you can enjoy if you don’t eat meat.

We searched the web for more information on forums about seafoods you can eat with braces.

Can You Eat Shrimp with Braces?

The meat of prawns is usually quite soft, so you shouldn’t have any problems eating them if you’re wearing braces.

Can I eat fish and seafood with braces


So, can you eat fish with braces? YES. Just follow our tips above and stick with boneless soft options like tuna and salmon. 

You should consult with your dentist first to find out what kind of guide to follow based on your treatment condition before consuming your favorite foods.

For more foods, read our comprehensive fast foods with braces post.

Can You Eat Fish With Braces?

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