Can You Eat Sushi With Braces?

Can You Eat Sushi With Braces? (Tips)

Can you eat sushi with braces? Yes you can! Yes, you can eat sushi with braces. As a matter of fact, sushi is a great braces food in all of its forms. It usually comes in small bite-sized pieces, is not chewy or sticky, does not stain, and is soft. The food largely avoids all of our list of foods we recommend avoiding with braces.

However, eating anything you took for granted before. The first few months after getting braces can be difficult for you to eat anything other than soft foods such as bread, porridge, and other delicate foods.

In addition to being naturally soft, sushi is a mild and soft dish that a lot of people enjoy and enjoy a lot. As a result, they can also be worn by people with braces.

Tips For Eating Sushi With Braces

  • A Nigiri consists of a thick layer of sushi rice topped with fish meat. Nigiri should be sliced up into smaller pieces because the meat can be quite substantial and increase chewing effort

  • Maki. There are many options for stuffing, including meat, fruits, vegetables, and more. The vegetable roll should be sliced into smaller pieces than before because vegetables are usually crunchy. It will be easier for you to consume the slices of vegetables this way

  • Temaki is smaller and looser than some sushi slices, but you have to cut them up so as not to use your front teeth too much for biting

We searched the web for more information about Asian food and braces and found the following video.


Patients often ask, “Can you eat sushi with braces?” Dental professionals allow you to consume sushi with braces. You should consult with your orthodontist first to find out what kind of guide to follow based on your treatment condition before consuming your favorite foods.

For more foods, read our comprehensive fast foods with braces post.

Can You Eat Sushi With Braces?

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