Can You Eat Tacos With Braces? (Only Soft)

Can you eat tacos with braces? No, when you’re wearing braces, hard snacks like tacos and chips aren’t recommended. Foods like these can not only damage your braces, but they can also get stuck in them, which can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s always better to opt for soft shell tacos if you want to indulge, though.


We searched the web for more information on forums about tacos you can eat with braces.

Can You Eat Hard Shell Tacos with Braces?

No, It is better to choose tacos or burritos that are soft. The front teeth should never be used to bite into a taco or burrito.

Can You Eat Taco Bell With Braces?

While Taco Bell can be eaten with braces, there are some good and some bad options to choose from. Choose soft tacos, chalupas, or bowls instead of crunchy, hard, big-bite stuff like burritos and crunchy tacos. Healthy and braces-safe options include bowls with soft beans and rice.



So, can you eat tacos with braces? Hard taco shells are definitely a no-no. Always opt for the softer options, cut into small pieces and use your back teeth.

You should consult with your dentist first to find out what kind of guide to follow based on your treatment condition before consuming your favorite foods.

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Can You Eat Tacos With Braces?

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