When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Vaping After Wisdom Teeth Removal? As with smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping follows the same rules. After tooth extraction, you should wait 48 hours or two full days before starting to smoke again. A dry socket and other complications like pain, infection, and delayed healing are greatly increased if you do anything less.

However there are several different recommendations for when it is safe to start vaping again after wisdom teeth removal.

According to some sources, it is recommended to wait at least 1 week after the extraction before vaping [5], while others suggest waiting 3 days if only one or two wisdom teeth are removed [6]. For heavy smokers who have had all four wisdom teeth removed, it is recommended to wait 14 days before vaping [6].

It is important to note that the nicotine in e-cigarettes can be absorbed through the skin, and it is recommended to avoid skin irritation after surgery. The healing process after wisdom teeth removal typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks [4].

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Tongue Tie Laser Surgery Explained

Tongue Tie Laser Surgery (Explained)

It takes less than a minute to perform tongue-tie or lip-tie pediatric laser surgery, which involves removing the frenulum with a laser rather than scalpels or scissors. As a first step, the laser cauterizes the tissue, which minimizes bleeding.

Here are some pros and cons of tongue-tie surgery in newborns:

Pros Cons
may help improve breastfeeding problems may not help improve breastfeeding problems
babies may feed better and gain weight more quickly post-surgery may cause infection and swelling
may prevent nipple pain for nursing mothers may ultimately be unnecessary
may prevent dental problems later in life requires daily exercises and stretching after the procedure to prevent the condition from reoccurring
may prevent speech problems later in life

Source: healthline

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Do Braces Change Your Jawline

Do Braces Change Your Jawline?

A question that is often asked is do braces change/fix your jawline?
Once you begin wearing braces, your teeth will shift and change. Not only can they improve the shape of your mouth by moving them into better positions for chewing food properly but over time it may give you a more attractive jawline and smile.
So let’s start from the beginning.

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