Why is Coconut Oil Pulling Good for You

Although Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine that has long championed the practice of oil pulling for healing the human body, the first time I heard about it was from a colleague whose friend is a dentist.

The dentist mentioned to her he’d had a patient who’d come to him with a toothache. He told him of the necessity to have a root canal. The patient said he’d call back to schedule an appointment.

When the man came back months later, his enamel had healed. When our dentist friend inquired what he’d done he said two words, ‘oil pulling‘. The next time I visited my dentist for a routine check-up, I asked, ‘Have you ever heard on oil pulling? He guided me to a publication called ‘Oil Pulling Therapy – Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing by Dr. Bruce Fife’.

Another doctor, Dr. F. Karach M.D. presented before the All-Ukrainian Association his findings of coconut oil pulling to a group of oncologists and bacteriologists. His findings are based on the cardiovascular disease theory of disease where the germs in the gums and teeth can transmit into other areas of the body.

The Mayo Clinic committed to research that generated over 200 newspapers articles on this topic. His experiments documented two findings concerning micro-organisms isolated from transmutation and tooth localization and gingiva.

For example, when bacteria was taken from a patient’s mouth and injected into a lab animal the health issues’d were developed by it. This showed that streptococci isolated in the mouth of arthritis patients could lead to arthritis when injected into laboratory animals.

Streptococci from patients with gastric ulcers might be injected into dogs with consequent induction of lesions in that the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. His second observation, of transmutation, showed that germs could change their form, particularly streptococci. Organisms which were aerobic initially could change to cerebral getting potentially more destructive.

Is it not surprising that even a farmer won’t buy livestock without assessing the animals teeth first?

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

How Does Coconut Oil Pulling Help with Candida

I’ll share with you the way to treat thrush from the privacy of the own home at minimal cost. That is a conventional method which has been thoroughly tested by many individuals throughout the years. In case you have oral thrush, you’re likely to have systemic Candida and even though you can get rid of your symptoms momentarily, your symptoms will keep repeating whenever you stop your treatment.

Oral thrush’s symptoms vary from sores on the tongue and cheeks to white patches (plaques) in the mouth that can often be wiped off, leaving behind red areas that may bleed slightly. Should you have these symptoms, you need to include a treatment of  thrush as part of your wellbeing strategy.

The way to heal it is with oil pulling. Although it has been around for centuries, it’s now getting increasingly more popular recently. This technique began gaining popularity since the Russian Doctor, Dr Karach supplied evidence that indicated that coconut oil pulling was an efficient cure for nausea, asthma, tooth pain, thrombosis, eczema, ulcers and ailments of stomach, intestines, heart, blood, liver, kidney, lungs and women’s ailments.

How oil pulling functions is that it sucks toxins from the body. When patients conditions have been compared by professionals, they have reported the effectiveness of the method.

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The Oil Pulling Method

Here are the simple steps for effective oil pulling:

  1. Brush your teeth
  2. Pour one tablespoon of organic coconut oil.
  3. Swish the oil around your mouth like a regular mouthwash.
  4. Swish the oil for between 10 and 15 minutes making sure it coats all areas of your mouth and under your tongue.
  5. Do NOT swallow.
  6. Spit the oil out and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

The best time of the day to start oil pulling is first thing in the morning before you eat or drink. You can use any type of oil such as olive oil or sesame oil.

Why is Coconut Oil Pulling Good for You

However, this best oil to use is cold pressed, organic coconut oil since it comprises anti-fungal properties which will assist the elimination of the candida yeast within your mouth by killing them.

This way, you get both the advantages of the coconut oil and oil pulling. Oil pulling is the also known to remove bacteria in the mouth that would otherwise enter your blood stream or be consumed, hence reducing the overall toxin levels within the body.


What are the Benefits of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

In this manner, your body can deal better with candida toxins and improve your oral health and general wellbeing. It has also been reported, oil pulling tightens once loosened teeth, stops the bleeding of gums, and whitens the teeth.

Is coconut oil pulling part of your daily health regime? Let us know the results you got in the comments below.

This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about orthodontics and general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your orthodontist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

Why is Coconut Oil Pulling Good for You

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