Different parts of orthodontic braces

An appointment or braces can be a scary thought for some. You may wonder what goes into the procedure or how much it will hurt. An orthodontic appliance will have many different parts. Your orthodontist will know what parts are going to do what movements.


You need not fear the placement of wires and brackets of traditional braces. In this post, we’ll show you what the different parts of braces are and what they do. Let’s get going.


Braces have a bracket that attaches to a tooth’s crown with special dental cement. The bracket is a small rectangle piece that attaches to your tooth’s front. The wires hold the archwire against the teeth. The brackets are available in silver or gold stainless steel. Or in clear or porcelain to blend in with your teeth.

What is a Clear Bracket?

This is a bracket constructed from a ceramic material that matches the color of a

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