Do Braces Change Your Jawline

Do Braces Change Your Jawline?

A question that is often asked is do braces change/fix your jawline?
Once you begin wearing braces, your teeth will shift and change. Not only can they improve the shape of your mouth by moving them into better positions for chewing food properly but over time it may give you a more attractive jawline and smile.
So let’s start from the beginning.

Can Braces Fix Jaw Alignment? 

Braces may be the perfect solution for individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth. Alongside other orthodontic appliances, they can help widen one’s jawline and even improve its shape! Braces are an excellent solution for restoring symmetry and fixing any alignment problems with your mouth. They also help you achieve the beautiful jawline you deserve!
The three main conditions that braces and potential surgery will correct are:
If you have an underbite, your jaw will seem too big for the rest of your face. In fact, when braces are used and surgery is completed if necessary then not only does it get rid of that uncomfortable looking overbite but also makes everything look more natural!
You might be suffering from an open bite if your front teeth are sticking out at a sharp angle. Braces can help to nudge such teeth into more vertical orientation, and they will no longer appear bucked in their mouth!
You might not think that you can change the shape of your face but overbite is actually something that many people struggle with. When they look in profile, it looks like there’s an undefined chin and jawline because their upper lip sticks out too far. An orthodontic operation may be required when other procedures fail, but typically it’s a last resort in orthodontia.
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How Long Does it Take to Fix Your Jaw With Braces?

Once straightening is complete, fixing of the jaw aligment begins. Springs and coils are added to braces so that force can be applied in order shift one’s jawline with additional effort- treatment may take anywhere from six months up to two years!

Will Braces Make Face Slimmer?

Braces don’t make your chin more V-shaped per se. The illusion of straighter teeth, a confident smile and better profile can all help to create this effect. Patients tend lose some weight during treatment so it’s possible you’ll also see results in terms of appearance whilst undergoing treatment. Braces will and consequently jaw alignment will also change the appearance of your lips and face.

Jawline Before and After Braces

When searching online for real case studies we found the following, we have included a link so you can read more.
Ashina Panicker

, BSC Botany And Biotechnology at CMS College, Kottayam

I had braces for 2 and a half years. And now I have to wear retainer for about 6–7 months.

And yes having braces can change your facial features especially how the lower half of your face looks. Basically when your jaw and teeth fit together it creates a better harmony in overall appearance of your face. In my case my face looked completely different before having braces. I’ve struggled a lot with having my teeth protruding out which causes the upper lip to jut out. Some even used to mock me saying how weird my lips and face looked. I still remember how much I was bullied for my protruded teeth. It made me so much self-conscious that I didn’t even smile or laugh well. If you look out my childhood or earlier pictures you can’t find me smiling in any one. I always thought that I looked even worse when I smile. And then after getting my braces my face changed a lot. It gave me more confidence and now I can finally smile happily like never before 🙂


Braces are an effective way to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. They can make you smile more symmetrical, while also correcting issues with bite alignment that many people deal in their everyday lives like crowded or misaligned gaps between teeth! To learn about how braces might be able solve these problems for yourself or a child (or even both!), visit our orthodontist directory today.
Do Braces Change Your Jawline?
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