5 Exercises to Improve Your Smile

Smile Exercises – Improve [Natural Beauty]

Let’s discover some smile exercises! Social interaction begins when you improve your smile. A pleasing face with a wide, happy smile or an impish grin is more likely to attract people than its opposite. People make sure their teeth are clean and white in order to effect this pleasing face. What they don’t make sure of is the tightness of the facial muscles that pull a smile across the face.

We work out in order to maintain healthy muscles, a healthy heart and lungs, and a tight body with that all-important V. Men work hard on “getting ripped.” The body is healthy and attractive which supports social interaction. Why not “work out” the facial muscles as well?

Whether it’s fair or not, we live in a society that deifies youth and beauty. Facial exercises do more than just make your smile more attractive. Skin is tighter, wrinkles don’t wrinkle, and muscles won’t sag giving us the jowls of a bull dog. The signs of aging are slowed by facial exercises and the face is healthier for doing them.

So if this healthy exercise makes the face and the smile better, why don’t more people do them? Many people might not know facial exercises exist nor how they benefit the face. Many more work two jobs, have family and/or civic obligations, and simply don’t have time or the inclination. Stress prevents a lot of people from gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How to Improve Your Smile

Here are five facial exercises for the benefit of the smile. You’ll need fingers, a mirror, and a smile to do these exercises. Bon sourire!

  1. Exercise Those Lips

You won’t need a mirror for this exercise, but use one if you’re uncertain about the exercise. Begin by opening the mouth in a small smile. The cheeks will tighten. Hold this position for ten seconds.

Now let those lips go to their full-on smile. Notice how the cheek muscles pull the lips toward the ears. Hold this position for ten seconds.

Finally, let the smile return to its barely there position. Hold it for ten seconds. Do all three steps five times at least once a day, twice if you can.

You’ll feel the cheek muscles tighten and relax. This is called toning and keeps the muscles tight so they won’t sag.


  1. Exercise The Cheeks

Muscles in the cheeks pull the lips up toward the ears in a smile which is why it’s called an “ear to ear grin.” They’ll do a better job of pulling when you do this exercise. Begin by smiling with your lips closed up toward the eyes. Puff out your lips a little.

Now place your first fingers by the corners of the mouth. Slowly slide them up over the cheekbones toward the corners of the eyes. When your fingers are at the tops of the cheekbones, hold them there for a count of twenty. Now relax and repeat this five times once or twice a day.

This exercise sculpts the cheeks and center of the face for a more pleasing shape and tighter facial muscles.

  1. Improve Your Smile Like This

This exercise gets deeply into the muscles in the cheeks, working them out from the inside out. Begin by stretching the mouth with the lips closed to the sides toward the ears and hold for a count of ten.

Now hold that stretch but with the teeth just showing and hold for a count of ten.

Keeping up the stretch, open the lips fully and hold for a count of ten.

Now take the stretch down a notch with the teeth reversing from full-on smile to barely there. Hold for a count of ten.

Take the stretch back to its beginning with the lips closed. Hold for a count of ten.

Repeat the whole exercise five times once or twice a day. There’s a difference between a wide, happy smile and the smile you use when someone is talking your ears off about something boring and you can’t get rid of them. Different muscles are in play with each. This exercise works out those different muscles.

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  1. Expansion and Retraction

Another way of working the cheek muscles is to keep the lips parallel in a smile instead of full-on, wide open smiling. This, too, works the deeper cheek muscles for a more streamlined facial area and a spectacular smile. Begin by stretching the lips to the sides toward the ears. Keep the lips parallel without much teeth showing. Hold for a count of ten.

Keeping up the stretch, open the lips a little more. Keep the lips parallel and not wide open in a smile. Hold for a count of ten.

Now open those lips into a wide smile while keeping up the parallel. The teeth should be showing, but not the gums. Hold for a count of ten.

Now drop the smile back down to just barely showing teeth with the lips parallel. Hold for a count of ten.

Drop it down now to closed lips in the same stretch and hold for a count of ten. Repeat this exercise five times once or twice a day.


  1. Firm Up The Upper Lip

Smile and open the mouth in the shape of an O. Cover the upper teeth with the upper lip. Smile again, lifting the cheek muscles up. Hold for a count of ten.

Place the first fingers on the cheek bones beneath the eyes. Relax the cheeks muscles. Now smile again while you visualize the cheek muscles pushing up. Hold for a count of ten.

You’ve just done a “lip push up.” Do this five times once or twice a day. If it helps you visualize, hold your first fingers above your eyebrows as you’re “pushing up.” This tones up the cheek muscles while firming up the upper lip.


A smile is the first thing people notice when they meet someone. We use an orthodontist to perfect our smiles. Now you know that we can also use facial exercises or products like Jawzrsize to perfect our smiles. Taken together, it’s an unbeatable combination.

Call your local orthodontist today for a brighter, happier smile.

Disclaimer – This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about orthodontics and general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your orthodontist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

5 Exercises to Improve Your Smile [Natural Beauty]

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