Famous People With Braces

Fabulously Famous People with Braces

Have you ever been embarrassed to smile in pictures because of your braces? You’re not alone! Celebrities have had to deal with this too. It’s a rite of passage that most people will go through at some point in their lives, but it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Braces are just another part of your story and they don’t define who you are!

We’ve compiled a list of fabulously famous people who also went through the process straightening their teeth, so you can see how much better life is after getting your braces removed. In honor of National Orthodontic Health Month (October), here is a short list of celebs without their metal mouthpieces: Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik, Demi Lovato…

Orthodontic braces are becoming more popular among adults because they can result in a significant aesthetic difference. Braces have traditionally been marketed and geared towards adolescents, but now there are many options for different types of brackets available today that were not around years ago (for example ceramic fixed braces). These new bracket styles make it possible to straighten teeth without painful wires or the need to remove them every night like you had to do with traditional metal wire appliances.

People prefer getting their smiles fixed using modern dental technology versus old-fashioned methods because the process is much less time consuming (it takes about half as long) which means people see results faster than ever before!

Celebrities are no different from any other person wanting to fix their teeth. They often have more resources and can afford the best options, like Invisalign or lingual braces, but usually they want an option that looks better than regular braces (and is worth paying extra for). This could be because it’s easier for them to get a job as there aren’t many people who will happily interact with someone whose smile makes them look unprofessional. Celebrities probably need every advantage they can take in this world!

There are several reasons people seek to improve their smile. One of the most common is that they’re looking for better opportunities, which can come about if having an exceptional smile means you get more attention and become a potential candidate in situations where your appearance matters e.g., job interviews, media appearances.

As technology advances so does our ability to use it as part of orthodontic treatment. Now there’s equipment available that allows us to take accurate 3D scans using lasers rather than traditional tray molds or goopy impressions taken with pastes like alginate, that way we don’t have be concerned about any funny tastes or gagging on the goop!

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Famous Folk with Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular type of clear aligners that lets you get the same benefits as traditional metal-and-bracketed ones, but without having to wear any appliances attached directly onto each tooth. These aligners are removable and can be replaced every 2 weeks until your teeth have been corrected completely in addition to being used for various orthodontic problems such us crowdedness in the mouth, overbite/underbite issues, cross bites etc. It’s also commonly suggested by orthodontists when patients want an alternative option from using conventional braces which last much longer than these invisible aligners do.

If you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth, but do not want the hassle of wearing metal braces, consider getting Invisalign. The only time you need to take them out is when eating or brushing your teeth. There’s no limitations on what kind of food you can eat, and it takes about one year before they finish moving into place. Celebrities including Justin Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, Zac Efron, Katherine Heigl, Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey have all successfully completed treatment with this almost invisible method.

The best candidate for Invisalign aligners would be someone who wants straighter teeth without having metal brackets attached that show up in pictures or could cause discomfort while chewing certain foods.

Famous People with Braces

Everyone knows that braces are used to straighten teeth, but did you know they also come in bright colors and can be a fun accessory?

Braces consist of many components including wires, anchors, springs for right placement along with small rubber bands.

Patients need to take care not only of their teeth by brushing after every meal as well as having your orthodontist replace any broken parts such as the wire or bands.

Orthodontists can make a few decisions regarding braces. For example, they check the alignment of teeth and decide whether or not to replace rubber bands on traditional braces or use clear brackets which are almost invisible but still visible from the front side.

There are a number of celebrities from stage and screen (even Royalty) who had braces. These include:

  • Angelina Jolie – Actress and humanitarian, known for her work as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (2001)
  • Drew Barrymore – Golden Globe Award-winning American actress and film producer
  • Danny Glover – Actor best known as Roger Murtaugh on the Lethal Weapon franchise from 1987 to 1998.
  • Prince Harry – Duke of Sussex, a member of the British royal family and married to Megan Markle.
  • Emma Watson – English actress and activist. Best know for her role as Harmione in the Harry Potter franchise.
  • Faye Dunaway – Actress who is the recipient of many accolades, including an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA Award.
  • Estelle – is a British rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress from London, England.
  • Gwen Stefani – an American singer and songwriter and co-founder of Ska-pop band No-Doubt.
  • Chelsea Clinton – the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
  • Faith Hill – an American singer, record producer and one of the most successful country music artists of all time.
  • Kendall Jenner – a model, socialite, and media personality.

Celebrities Who Say Braces Have Changed Their Face

Celebrities who have had orthodontic procedures to fix malformations and problems claim that their face has changed significantly… for the better.

Braces are designed to change the shape of the bone, so the teeth are in a straighter position which can certainly change someone’s appearance.

Celebrity actor Will Smith stated “I remember I was self-conscious about it because you know all kids at some point or another, they start losing their baby teeth … You see them pop back up again but mine didn’t come back up actually”. Keeping it in the family, his kids Jaden and Willow getting traditional braces when he was just 11 years old and she was twelve.

Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham said she never liked her smile before going through braces treatment. Some celebrities also undergo jaw surgery during this time where excessive facial bones may be shaved down along with other changes that will definitely transform their appearance.

Celebrity Instagram photos show us the before and after orthodontic braces. People often look to celebrities for inspiration, so it can be interesting to see how they’ve been treated in order to prepare yourself ahead of time.

There are multiple different types of braces that people could choose from when getting treatment: Invisalign or traditional metal braces? What’s best is a matter up for debate among professionals, but you might have an idea based on looking at these images, but your orthodontist will know best!

There are several celebrities who have worn braces. Despite being famous, they still decided to get them after the traditional adolescent age or even when they were already successful in their respective careers.

Celebrities show that wearing braces is mainstream because many of us want a certain look and it doesn’t matter what your age is – there are different options for people at any point in life!

Celebrity Smiles

In Conclusion

Hollywood celebrities and pop stars have been using braces for decades to get their smile just right. Invisalign and traditional metal braces are both great options, but it’s up to you and your orthodontist which one is best suited for your teeth.

If you live in a big city like Los Angeles or New York City, finding an orthodontist shouldn’t be too difficult – they can help you find the perfect solution that will work with your budget and lifestyle.

Whether you want straighter teeth or a more pronounced jawline, we guarantee there is someone out there who has had similar problems as yours and found success thanks to braces! Get started on your Hollywood smile now by searching for a orthodontist near you today.

Fabulously Famous People with Braces

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