Invisalign Not Tracking (Is This Normal ?)

Invisalign treatment is great in many ways. Less pain. Less mess. And most of all fewer appointments than you get with traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are great for seeing the transformation and you only need to send a scan from your phone.

Your scan will tell the orthodontist if the next trays are good to go. Sometimes, your scan will show your Invisalign not tracking. Read on for the full lowdown on why your aligners are not seated and what to do about it.

What Does Tracking Mean?

Tracking is a term that refers to the fit of your aligners over the teeth. If your aligner is tracking well, the mold will match the shape of the teeth. This means the planned movement is correct.

Bad tracking means the aligner is loose. It may not fit over the tooth so there is no proper movement.

Signs of Bad Tracking

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