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On Reddit, you can find information about Invisalign. The internet is something we all love. Having a beautiful smile is something we all desire. Combining the two, what happens?

Invisalign Reddit comes to the rescue. Both platforms have been a huge success in their own way. People can be found on Reddit, therefore. Consequently, these people come from all over the world with varying levels of dental health. Last but not least, you have the option of asking questions, answering questions, posting or viewing progress pictures.

Do you have any questions? Reddit users are guaranteed to answer your questions.

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How many of you guys have invisalign, and how would you rate the overall experience?

I wore Invisalign recently for about 1 year to fix my teeth after having braces as a child but not wearing my retainer, so I can give my perspective having had Invisalign v. traditional braces. Invisalign is far superior in every way compared to traditional braces. The Invisalign system is a series of “trays” that serve as the actual braces. They look just like the trays you use for bleaching your teeth. With my particular dentist (I chose a super specialized cosmetic dentist) , I went in for an evaluation where they made a model of my mouth by mapping out my teeth, and then a computer generated a step-by-step representation of how my teeth would move as I progressed through the different trays. This allowed me to see the end result. The first couple months I just wore the trays. I had some slight discomfort when initially wearing them, but it was VERY minor. After those first few months, I went in to get the clear brackets cemented on my teeth. This is the stage where Invisalign becomes more noticeable because there are brackets on your teeth and the trays are larger to cover those brackets. It is noticeable, but not dramatically noticeable. There was the option for me to pay extra $$ to get this special vibrating thing to use in conjunction with Invisalign that would speed up the movement on my teeth and lessen the duration of treatment, but I opted not to spend the extra money.

Your dentist will likely give you several months worth of trays to get you started. You’ll have a calendar that tells you exactly when you need to move to the next set of trays in the series. You wear your trays 23 hours a day, only taking them out to eat and brush your teeth. If you forget to wear them enough you’ll know it because your teeth will be sore when you put the trays back in (because your teeth have already moved back some to where they shouldn’t be). It is CRUCIAL that you wear them as much as possible. The fact that you can take them out to eat and to brush/floss makes them so much better than traditional braces. Your speech may be slurred at first, but your mouth quickly gets used to it. One thing you should know is that it is easy to lose your trays. If you take them out, make sure you put them in a special place that you’re unlikely to forget. They are clear, so they get lost easily. Don’t set them on a plate when you’re out to dinner because the server won’t see them and if you forget, they’ll get accidentally thrown away. They do get dirty, but you can use regular denture cleaner to keep them clean. Or take them to your dentist to have them put in the heavy-duty cleaner.

I grind my teeth really bad every time I sleep, but my trays serve double-duty for me as a night guard for teeth grinding. I’ve been wearing this particular tray for about 5 months (I’m in the retainer phase) and I have yet to get a crack or break in either tray. They are very durable. I used the Invisalign brand, but had a friend who used an “off brand” version. She has had poor results with hers, but I’m not sure if that is because she hardly wears them, they aren’t effective, or (more likely) some combination of the two.

As far as your appearance goes…..I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them. Any change in your appearance is going to be pretty minor with Invisalign. When you compare how good you’ll look with straight teeth, the minor inconvenience is totally worth it. I had my dentist move my front teeth up a bit because I had a bit of a gummy smile and didn’t want to do laser treatment to fix it. Invisalign worked really well to accomplish this. The first thing I noticed after being done with treatment (aside from how great my smile looked) was that when I talked, nobody looked at my teeth! People used to notice my bad teeth when I talked, now all people look into my eyes when I speak. I hadn’t realized this until after treatment, but the difference was immediately noticeable.

I feel my choice of cosmetic dentist gave me better results than I would have received had I gone to my regular dentist. The regular dentist offered Invisalign, too, but I feel the specialist was able to make a more informed decision about how my teeth should look on my face. He took a lot of measurements of my face to determine the optimal mathematical placement of my teeth to give me the best cosmetic result. I also combined my Invisalign with the replacement of some old crowns, and I wanted an expert to do all this. It cost a fortune, but it was hands-down one of the best investments in myself I’ve ever made. If you’re on the fence about it, I highly, highly recommend Invisalign. Just remember to wear your trays!!!! 🙂

Want to straighten your teeth and eat less? Go on the Invisalign diet

Just in case not everyone here knows what Invisalign is, it is a clear alternative to braces. One of the biggest differences between Invisalign and metal braces is that Invisalign can be removed, and must be removed when eating or drinking. I just started using Invisalign yesterday.

Any time I want to eat or have a drink (that’s not water) – it’s a multi-step process. I need to:

  • remove my Invisalign (which is harder than it sounds, it’s pretty snug in there)
  • eat/drink
  • clean my Invisalign
  • brush and floss my teeth
  • put my Invisalign back in

And what I’ve found so far is that unless the food or drink is worth the effort, I’m just not going to have it! I also can’t just spontaneously eat something now, and I find that the more I think about what to eat – the more likely I’ll make healthier choices. One of my biggest problems is snacking throughout the day, and this will definitely decrease my random snacking. No way am I spending all that time to clean my Invisalign and my teeth just for a couple chips or a cookie.

So, if anyone out there wants to straighten their teeth and lose weight – ask your dentist/orthodontist about getting Invisalign!!

Iam A guy that just finished Invisalign. May not be the most exciting topic ever, but many people are super curious about the procedure. AMA!

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Hi Reddit! My name is Mark, and I just finished my Invisalign procedure. Like the title says, it may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but I always get friends, family, and coworkers that are thinking about getting it ask me questions. If you want to know anything about price, time, how it works (from a user perspective; I’m not a dentist), ask away!

Here is my before and after closeup pic:

Here is a normal pic of what my teeth looked like before starting (I’m on the right. Notice the fang on the right side of my face. This is the best pic I could fid due to major self-conciousness in photos):

Here is my about halfway through (ugly Christmas sweater pub crawl, fang slowly retreating…)

And here is me now:


I feel OBLIGATED TO WRITE THIS POST! But I’ll keep it Short & Sweet & get STRAIGHT TO THE POINT !

( I got my attachments and trays in Just 3 hours ago )

I had braces about six years ago ($5,500 USD) , They were great, got the job done .. painful because my teeth NEEDED ALOT OF hard WORK, but Following the removal of my braces, you have TWO options of Retainers.. ( which might I add , was the KEY Mistake on my journey .. ) I had gotten the Removable vs. “Permanent” lost it & overtime a few of my teeth moved back ( not too bad but enough to bother me ) anywho FAST FORWARD 5 -6 years and I finally have a few grand to throw at my self esteem aka my teeth. So I choose between braces again (5k) OR Invisalign (1,800-2k) obviously I go with Invisalign.

WELL – They didn’t make it clear they were going to fucking CHIZZLE DOWN MY FUCKING BOTTOM TEETH IN ORDER FOR THE INVISALIGN TO PROPERLY MOVE THE TEETH. They mentioned “CREATING SPACE WHICH EQUALS OUT TO .2 mm ” or something

K….. my dumb ass clearly didn’t ask enough questions but they should have told me “we are going to chizzle the sides of your teeth” lol they said it but in a weird way that I clearly way too excited to just get my teeth done for so cheap to pay attention to that small part. WHICH IS FUCKED. I feel VIOLATED..

So they put them in and you leave with them on.. they didn’t hand me a mirror or anything while during or after , I go home and ANALYZE them in the bathroom via Sunlight and OH FUCK. they literally chizzled the corners of all four my bottom teeth so the NATURAL BORN SHAPE I WAS GOD GIFTED WITH IS PARTIALLY DESTROYED. Yes you can take Invisalign out to brush and floss and it’s “invisible ” But after HAVING BOTH SO if you HAVE THE MONEY FOR A 2nd Set of Braces DO BRACES if you care about the natural shapes of your beautiful teeth , if you don’t care and want them mfs chizzled get Invisalign

I was so excited and now I FEEL TRAUMATIZED.

Hopefully this Thread finds you well and HELPS AT LEAST ONE – (1) human being in this REDDIT WORLD. if not , well I basically also needed someone to cry and complain to. Mother fucker fucker shit fudjaosmdjdowkqnqbah

But I am a believer in all things being exactly as they are supposed to, simply a TEACHER in ALL THINGS , all experience …. so I guess I surrender to what is and yup I’m baffled. Okay clearly I’m having a breakdown in the middle of this message but I’m jus going to keep it as it is and hope you accept me and maybe reply with some words of Light and Positive and anything really thanks. Bye Luv ya

What was your total cost of invisalign and how long was your treatment? Why doesn’t anyone ever give the actual dollar amount?

Ca, first quote was $6500, second quote $4500, both top 1% well reviewed orthos. This included everything out the door, 15-18mos, adjustments and rescans as needed, retainers after. Will need teeth shaving as well.

If you plan on getting more quotes, from what I’ve learned from others and observed myself, if you have ortho insurance coverage, don’t tell them that, say you don’t think so. They can charge whatever they want and usually offer a more reasonable price if they don’t think you have coverage. My first quote I felt like I was buying a used car, did not like the pricing discussion at all.

How many of you guys have invisalign, and how would you rate the overall experience?

My insurance will pay 100% for the “off brand” version. I’m 23 and I’m a bartender and I’m wondering how noticeable are they, since appearance is a major part of the job? How well did they work/were they super annoying to wear? How was your experience overall with them?

Invisalign Questions on Quora

Does Invisalign help with jaw misalignment / asymmetrical jawline?

There are different types of misalignments. An Invisalign system could help correct a cross bite with a functional shift.

In the case of a skeletal problem, however, and if the patient has already reached skeletal maturity, orthognathic surgery is the only option.

Can you get Invisalign for only the bottom teeth?

Depending on your treatment goals and objectives, it may be possible in selected cases. Please consult your dentist to see if you are a good candidate.

Make sure your doctor assesses your suitability and explains all the implications to you before making a decision.

Invisalign’s cost may not be reduced by 50% by this method. In comparison to dual arch treatment, the cost of single arch treatment is approximately 70% less.

What disadvantages does Invisalign pose?

The treatment might fail if you do not comply.

  • It requires a lot of discipline

Invisalign aligners must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day. Poor compliance may result in treatment failure in the case of poor compliance.

  • Frequent snackers may not be suitable for Invisalign

Before wearing your aligners, you must clean your teeth after eating and drinking. Coffee and snacks may disrupt your routine if you enjoy them multiple times a day.

Alternatively, you can consider it as a way to encourage you to eat healthier.

Why isn’t Invisalign much cheaper today now that their patents have expired?

AccInvisalign prices have decreased over the past 10 years, according to price trends.

What are the pros and cons of Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club?

Are Invisalign competitors any good?

Compared with direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands like Smile Direct Club, Zenyum, and WonderSmile, Invisalign is the clear winner.

Invisalign Direct-to-consumer brands
Effectiveness Effective in treating complex cases and comprehensive cases Unable to treat complex cases
Technology Enables 3D computer simulations to plan teeth movements; attachments can be used to efficiently move teeth Plans teeth movements using 3D computer simulations; attachments are not used
Dental visits and accountability Are scheduled every 2 months at your dental office. Teledentistry monitors progress
Price range $4,800 – $9,000 $2,000 – $3,000

For patients who require only small movements, Invisalign may be more appropriate than DTC brands.

Speak With a Professional Orthodontist

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Invisalign Reddit – Forum Comments

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