Invisalign With Cavities

Wearing Invisalign aligners with cavities is a common subject matter. Traditional braces have their oral hygiene routine. Invisalign aligners have theirs. To prevent cavities while undergoing Invisalign treatment read on. Below are facts and tips on why and how to deal with harmful nasties while wearing clear aligners.

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Can I still get Invisalign if I Have a Cavity?

Invisalign providers are often asked by patients to fill cavities. The theoretical answer is yes, but the practical answer is no. Dentists and orthodontists suggest repairing the cavity. This is the first thing to do.

In most cases, as the cavity develops, it takes precedence over misalignments. For Invisalign aligners to work well resurface the tooth after the cavity. And remove any debris from the tooth.

What if Cavities Develop During Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign can lead to cavities and can cause serious side effects. As with

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