Life with Braces

life with braces

Getting braces really does not affect your life too significantly. It may take some time for you to adjust to life with braces but after you have had your braces on for a few weeks you will barely notice that they are there.  In this article, we will discuss some of the restrictions and adjustments that you may need to make in your existing lifestyle when you first get braces.

1. Taking care as you eat:

There are some foods that you will need to steer clear of once you get your braces on. Foods with high sugar, sticky foods, soft foods and even some very hard foods should all be avoided. Anything that may potentially damage your braces or get stuck inside your braces and cause you oral care issues should be avoided. This means foods such as gum, fresh bread, apples and carrots, corn on the cob and skittles just to name a few should really be avoided when you have your braces on.

2. Changing how you brush and floss your teeth:

It’s understandable that with an orthodontic appliance in the way you may have to change the way that you regularly brush and floss your teeth. Being a little more gentle with brushing your teeth and also making sure to floss daily is very important. Food can very easily get stuck in braces and taking some extra care with your oral health as you are wearing braces is very important to avoiding cavities. You will still need to see your regular dentist for checkups and cleaning even as you are wearing braces.

Amazon have a range of affordable orthodontic care kits for braces which include an interdental brush, dental wax, dental floss and a toothbrush box. They make ideal gifts if your child is at school or summer camp.

3. Keeping an eye out for emergency:

If you ever experience any damage to your braces you can seriously impact the progress that you are making on your treatment. Accidents can happen and components of braces can always break during your treatment. What is important is identifying these problems and coming in for an emergency visit to fix these problems as fast as possible. Issues such as loose brackets are bands may need fixing quite quickly for both patient comfort as well as to maintain a good treatment. It is understandable that in some emergency situations wires may need to be cut for comfort, we may not be able to always get a patient in early on so there are some steps that you can take at home to reduce discomfort.

Using dental wax or pushing stray wires in with the eraser end of a pencil can help to save you some discomfort. The wax adheres to orthodontic appliances to help relieve irritated tissue. The clear wax blends in with the teeth so it is not visible and comes in a portable container for away-from-home use.

In extreme cases you may also need to cut a wire before an emergency visit can take place. Using nail clippers can achieve this but keep in mind this can extend the lengths and costs of emergency repair.

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Life with braces

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