As a qualified orthodontist you are bound to be extremely busy running one or more offices and it’s important to consider just how valuable your time is. Marketing your business online can take valuable hours away from your business but it is something that’s required today to keep up with current online marketing standards.

In order to access the largest portion of your market you need to have an online strategy and have your office keeping up with the newest trends in social network marketing and blog marketing. In order to do this correctly you need to consistently deliver unique and engaging content which is a constant challenge that takes even more valuable hours from your business.

Orthodontists understand the value of a top search engine ranking as well as positive reviews for their business online. Checking for all of this content as well as setting up this integration on your office website can be a daunting process especially if you are unfamiliar with web design and conversion tactics.

Just as you may be an expert in the field of orthodontics there are also experts in the world of social media and video marketing as well as search engine optimization that can help you to achieve the best possible online marketing results. With an appropriate combination of social media Internet marketing, SEO and excellent integration with your website we can provide you with the best possible return on investment for online marketing for your orthodontic practice.

Proven Marketing Strategies for Orthodontic Practices

Blend Local Search Marketing has been professionally marketing for orthodontists for many years. Many of the leading orthodontists and experts in the field of orthodontics like you, expressly trust Blend Local Search Marketing with their online marketing and search engine optimization needs. The search engine optimization strategies used by Blend Local Search Marketing are unique for every practice and this can result in total search engine domination. This translates to more customers and more profits for you!

Perry Stevens - CEO - Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD

Perry Stevens
CEO – Blend Local Search Marketing

Blend CEO Perry Stevens says “We like to start by providing a comprehensive website audit and a quote for services that we can complete for you that get real results. A website with duplicate content, flash elements, and a lack of keyword strategy could mean that you are losing business to your competitors and hemorrhaging money as you continue to throw money at your website to make it competitive. Our comprehensive audit will provide you with a technical report so that you can develop a proper Internet marketing strategy for your business across the net and on mobile devices. You also get a one hour Skype consultation with me personally to explain in plain English the audits with you. During this consultation we can take you through all aspects of your website as well as help you to develop online marketing objectives for social media and other facets of online marketing”.

Orthodontic Marketing Services

After we have completed an initial audit and consultation for your website we can work with you to really identify and understand what you want to accomplish with your business online. We understand that none of our clients are going to require the same content in that each business want something unique that reflects their individual employees, history, values and mission statement. We can provide you with unique content that reflects the ideals of your office and will help you to dominate orthodontic results in your area online.

You can instantly become the orthodontist that future patients will like and trust before they even step in the office or meet you. We will help you to build and maintain your online reputation and present your office and all of its qualities to gain the trust of future patients through proper, positive online marketing.

While we are unable to work with everyone the orthodontists that we do choose to partner with can experience amazing results that consistently deliver on their initial investment with our comprehensive services.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, feel free to contact us or get a hold of us on the phone. Contacting us is the best way to start your journey to online success today.

Marketing for Orthodontists

Marketing for Orthodontists