Orthodontics for Kids

orthodontics for kids


Seeing an orthodontist around the age of seven or eight years old can help to give a child more options

As we develop and our adult teeth begin to come in, reversal of certain orthodontic conditions can become more difficult. Identifying issues early on in the stages of life can help to increase the number of treatment options that are available and also allow kids to take advantage of nonsurgical options. Many adults did seek orthodontic care will require the surgical options because their teeth, bones and jawline have all set in place. With orthodontics for kids, there are more non invasive options that can help children to get the perfect smile.

Children can receive much of the same types of treatments that are available for adults

The advantage is that if children are able to be seen at an early age, the condition can be monitored until such a time is optimal for them to wear orthodontic appliances. By selecting this optimal time period, Orthodontists can shorten the length of treatment times and ensure that kids can have perfectly straight teeth by the time that they reach young adulthood.

The benefits of early treatment:

  • Can help to prevent injury by straightening out jaw lines and keeping a regular bite
  • Create more space for permanent teeth to impact
  • Simplifies any further orthodontic treatment
  • Can correct early speech problems
  • Improves confidence in young adult life
  • Reduces the need for oral surgery
  • Can correct dental arch width
  • Can reduce future costs in orthodontic treatment

To find a specialist orthodontist for your child, click here.

Orthodontics for Kids

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