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Power Chains – (2022 Ultimate Guide)

What are power chains? Often made from elastic materials, power chains consist of a number of interconnected rings. Adding them to braces applies more pressure to a specific area of your mouth. Teeth can be aligned using them, as well as gaps between teeth.

Do Power Chains Hurt?

After the orthodontist applies power chains to your teeth, you may feel soreness or mild discomfort. Nevertheless, the intensity of pain you feel is much less than when your braces are tightened or other components are put in, and it lasts only for a few days.

What Stage of Braces do You get Power Chains?

Your treatment usually includes power chains after your first phase of alignment. Most often, however, they are used to close gaps between the teeth so that your teeth are aligned correctly or you bite is correct.

How Long do You Wear Chains on Braces?

It varies from patient to patient, but power chain braces typically last six months or more.

Does Everyone with Braces Get Power Chains?

In contrast to other orthodontic treatment methods, which are based on a person’s age, anyone can be treated with a power chain.

Colors of Power Chains

As with normal ligatures, power chain color options are identical. However, you will ultimately decide what color you want to wear after speaking with your orthodontist.

You can cause power chains to change color and become stained by your diet just like normal ligatures. Power chains with silver or smoke colors are deemed the best when it comes to stain resistance.

Every time you visit, the power chains are changed, so don’t be concerned if they stain. You can get a completely new set or try a different color.

Types of Power Chains

You may require one of three types of power chains depending on the needs of your smile. The different types of clamps have different diameters between the loop centers, allowing them to be attached to different brackets.

  • Closed – Each tooth is connected.
  • Short – Each tooth is connected.
  • Long – Every third tooth is connected.

Taking Care of Your Power Chains

As with traditional metal braces, it is important that you follow the same oral hygiene routine as you would if you were wearing other orthodontic appliances. You will probably find that there is more food trapped in the elastics, but the amount is not significant. Brushing may also take longer.


Power chains play a vital role in most orthodontic treatments. A routine orthodontic adjustment might be required or there may be a need for some strengthening behind the movement. Orthodontic professionals will ensure that the process goes smoothly and conveniently for you.

Power Chains – (2022 Ultimate Guide)

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