Can you eat bread with braces

Can You Eat Bread With Braces? (Avoid Toasted)

Do you have braces? If yes, you may have wondered if you can still eat bread and other glutinous foods. The good news is that you can still enjoy bread while living with braces! With a few modifications, you can make sure you are keeping your teeth and braces in top condition while still indulging in some delicious carbs. In this post, we will discuss how to eat bread safely with braces. If you have any difficulty chewing the bread, or if it gets stuck in your braces, be sure to remove it carefully to avoid damaging your braces.When wearing clear braces, avoid highly colored fillings like beetroot and coronation chicken, as they could stain your braces. Ideally, you should use nice, soft bread with ham and cheese or egg mayonnaise filling. On a final note avoid toasted, or pizza crust type breads also

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