can you eat Nutella with braces

Can You Eat Nutella With Braces? (Brush and Floss)

Can you eat Nutella with braces? Yes, because Nutella has a soft texture, it is possible to eat it with braces. However, due to its high sugar content, it’s best to choose low-sugar options whenever possible and brush your teeth after eating it.

The most common issue with Nutella and braces is that it can easily stick to your braces and get lodged in the bracket hooks, archwire, and elastic rubber bands. To prevent this, lick the Nutella off of the spoon and put it into your mouth behind your teeth, rather than letting it stick to your front teeth.

Remember to only eat small amounts of hazelnut spread, and to lick, taste, and swallow it rather than moving it around your mouth with your tongue.

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