can you eat popsicles with braces

Can You Eat Popsicles With Braces? (Yes Yes Yes)

Can You Eat Popsicles With Braces? There is no doubt in my mind that the answer is yes. Although chewing ice is not recommended when wearing braces, popsicles are a different animal, as they are softer, and in fact very soothing for people wearing braces. Because of its hard texture, it is not recommended that you bite into it. Wires can be bent or brackets can become loose due to it.

What types of popsicles should I avoid with braces? You should avoid hard popsicles, such as lollipops, as they can potentially break or loosen your braces. It’s best to choose soft popsicles, such as fruit juice popsicles, that are easy to chew and will not damage your braces.

You should lick or let a popsicle slowly dissolve in your mouth.

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