Rubber Bands on Braces - The Complete Guide

Rubber Bands For Braces (Elastics) – The Complete Guide

Elastics are rubber bands for braces and are used to move your teeth into place. They are attached to the orthodontic braces and their function is to create pressure on the teeth.

The elastics can be of different types, such as self-ligating, ligation or no ligation.

Self-ligating elastics do not require any additional ties for attachment and they have a low profile when compared to other types of elastics.

Ligation elastics require ties for attachment and they have a high profile when compared to other types of elastics.

No-ligation elastics do not require ties for attachment.

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Understanding the Parts of Braces

the parts of braces

Braces 101 – Understanding the parts that are involved in your braces is very important to making sure that you can follow an orthodontist’s instructions.

It may take some time to learn the various parts that make up your braces but small adjustments, as well as concerns that might come up over the course of your treatment, need to be identified and completed properly.

By being able to properly name these parts you can describe any problems that might happen over your braces journey and also make small adjustments to avoid future orthodontist visits, or impeding your progress.

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