What is The Function of Fluoride? (Good for Teeth?)

We have all consumed fluoride at some point. It is a naturally occurring mineral. You may have heard good things from some people and bad things from others. It is a big part of the dental health industry and is in the water supply of most advanced nations. In this post, we’ll give you a rundown of this subject and discuss why fluoride is good for teeth.

How does fluoride work? A key purpose for fluoride is to maintain good bone and tooth health. Fluoride helps with the formation of our teeth. Strengthening tooth enamel as it develops.

What are The Benefits of Fluoride in Water?

There are benefits of fluoride in water fluoridation. Drinking fluorine water maintains strong teeth and lowers the likelihood of teeth decay in kids and adults by 25%.

Water fluoridation in the community can reduce tooth decay and cavities as well as reduce health care costs and improve

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