What to Do When Aligners Wont Track Properly?

Your Invisalign treatment may seem slow. Or, your orthodontist may be unhappy with progress when seeing the scan results. Your ortho will see progress weekly and can alter the treatment plan or advise you on more efficient use of the aligners. But what are the signs your aligners won’t track properly? Below, we discuss in quick form how to tell your aligners are not doing their job and what to do to fix the issue. Let’s find out.

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What do I do if my Invisalign Treatment isn’t Tracking?

It is possible that your Invisalign trays are not positioned correctly. Teeth tracking involves checking that the invisible trays align with the teeth. Symptoms of poor tracking include loose teeth, a gap in the tray between your teeth, and a lack of fitting teeth in the tray.

In addition, it is possible to tell whether your

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